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The Sino-Swiss Zhenjiang Ecological Industrial Park (SSZEIP) was launched in July 2012. It is based on a bilateral initiative between the Chinese and Swiss governments, guided by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (Mofcom) and the Federal Department of Economic Affairs of the Swiss Confederation (Seco), with Zhenjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee and Cleantech Switzerland (CTS) as its executive arms. Jiangsu Scitury Allied Investment and Development Co., Ltd, established in December, 2014, takes charge of the overall management and operation of the SSZEIP and the promotion of Sino-Swiss cooperation.

The SSZEIP is focusing on building the “3 Bases & 3 Centers”, namely Eco-Industry Base, Technology R&D and Innovation Base, International Higher Vocational and Technical Education Demonstration Base, Sino-Swiss Boutique Exhibition and Online Retailing Center, Swiss Watch Detection and Maintenance Service Center, and Healthcare Service Center, while striving for “making the SSZEIP a duplicable and referential sample for Chinese urbanization and industrialization”, through 10 years of hard work and unceasing efforts.

SSZEIP is located in State-level Zhenjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone (ZETDZ), south western part of Jiangsu Province, enjoying an excellent geographical and strategic position at the intersection of Yangtze River and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

Total spatial planning: 20 km2

- R&D Section (4.5 km2): functioning as a base for exhibition and transaction of technologies and products, R&D, headquarters office, etc

- Industry Section (4.5 km2): focusing on Advanced Manufacturing Industry and Modern Service Industry

- Accommodation Section (9.5 km2): featuring a well-functioned International residential area of green living concepts and unique charming

- Leisure/Tourism Section (1.5 km2): providing services as tourism, healthcare, commerce, etc with fully utilizing resources of Chuishan Hot Spring Resort

One of Top 10 Livable Cities according to the "2013 Blue Book of Urban Competitiveness" issued by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

National Famous Historical and Cultural City

National Excellent Tourism City

National Garden City

National Model City on Environmental Protection

National Civilized City

There’s an International Apartment Area to the south of Sino-Swiss Innovation Center, covering a land area of 40mu (26,667m2) and GFA of 96,410m2 for first place, which may provide 600 apartments as staff dormitories.

The public rental housing on Gangnan Road - the first modular building project in China - with a GFA of 130,000m2 and featuring high efficiency and low energy consumption, can provide 1,440 apartments.